Blessings this way!

Welcome to my brand spanking new website! It’s been a long time coming and it had to happen in order for me to interact with you in a much better way.
This will be a space where I share my thoughts, music and other interests.

– Ntshebe


  • Paniki

    This is great, well done dawg

  • Lebohang Leballo(Bloemfontein)

    Thanks for the good music(mixes) my brother you never disappoint i play them everyday and i was introduced to your mixes by my cousin from tembisa(Seun Maile) since then I’ve never regret.

    Keep flying the flag.

  • Emmanuel Masegela

    Hola I’ve just ordered my pink and yellow T-shirts I can’t wait to rock them. To DJ Ntshebe thank you for the great music big man we appreciate you at all times. God bless 🙏

    Kind regards Emmanuel Masegela From Polokwane

  • Vuyisile

    Siyabonga Nkosi

    • Lungelo Nkosi

      My ears open the door to my soul when ever you visit me with this music from under the ocean,under the earth, from up in the clouds and outer space.
      This presence of sound isn’t from this atmosphere hence not everyone understands it because it was never ment for them but for us. Continue sending us to other dimensions, don’t leave us!

  • SdeeSoulisc X Mapetla Dr

    Ta! Grootman

  • SdeeSoulisc X Mapetla Dr

    Me and my friend just ordered 3 Ts flip can’t wait to rock em 🙌🏽🔥♥️

    Shout out to the drivers🚘



  • Lungelo Nkosi

    What I love about Nchebe’s selection is that it never expires ,it’s a life time investment, his selection set you apart from what other people listen to, and my future generations are in good hands for guidance on what kind of music they should be listening to. Thanks you Nchebe continue to bless us with the music from outer of space,from underground, from under the waters and from the high altitudes where immature eyes can’t comprehend or understand but only the chosen ones.

  • jck

    thanks for the good music bozza keep it up

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